Newsletter Assignment

This project has been the most frustrating…

To start, I kept the look of the newsletter fairly simple. However, because of this I think it looks pretty boring. I think I kept it simple because I felt constrained by the one color rule, and as the semester comes closer to the end my creativity is lowering.

But printing this thing was the real headache. All semester, I hadn’t gotten a grasp on printing, especially through OP Output. However, this project was where my lack of printing skills really caught up to me.

On Thursday, February 23th at around 2-ish, I submitted an order that was due Friday morning. However, the file on the form was an indesign file instead of a postscript, so the order was rejected. I resubmitted the order so it could get print this weekend. However, last night at around 7:00 pm I received another email that I had again made another error by making the postscript 4 pages instead of 2. I fixed the error and resubmitted the online form at 7:22 pm. I also spoke with the print monitor that last night, Nick Craven, who checked my file to see if it was correct, but I never received anymore emails after that. The next morning I went to class and found out my order was not printed again.

I turned out that I had the wrong side document, the wrong file, AND I had selected the WRONG printer on the form! Eventually it got printed, but after I had cried about 50 times.

Turning this into a webpage ended up being less stressful. I pretty much coding everything to look almost the same as the paper version. I found coding fairly easy, but very time consuming and precise. I was unable to get my links to work, but that was the only struggle I had towards coding.


Day Map Project

By this point, I have honestly stopped watching Lynda videos and have just moved to watching Youtube videos. I believe that its easier for me to just look up a short Youtube video to learn a specific feature rather than sit through hours of Lynda videos.

For this project, I came up with the idea of making a comic type math to represent a day I would most likely have. However, for the longest time I could not figure out what I wanted to do and only had the title image and image 1 done. Eventually I just took pictures from my phone and incorporated them into my day map. I also thought it would be humorous and creative if I made it rhyme .

Because I have gotten use to Illustrator, I didn’t really like working in Photoshop. I feel I could have added more to, but I still feel it turned out pretty well.

PS: I HATE mounting! I am horrible at cutting through foam core, especially with an Exact-o blade. I attempted to cut this one and it turned out monstrous.


Currency Design

I LOVED this assignment! Before this assignment was given, I was playing around with the imaged of my face in Illustrator. Originally, the image is a block print and I wanted to see if I could make it into a digital vector. Once the assignment was presented, I was super excited and intently wanted to use my image.

An interesting fact about me is that I am strangely interested in skulls. I am fascinated by sugar skulls and most of the time when I mess up sketching a face I just transform it into a creepy skull face. I believe my fascination with skulls roots from the fact that in life we view and judge each other by our difference, but in death, once those layers of skin rot away, we all pretty much look same.

When creating my currency design, I wanted it to look similar to the money we see and use today. However, I did not want to stick with just one color. I decided to use purple and yellow because there are complimentary colors, and I thought they were the best combination to represent the theme of life and death. I also chose my currency to be worth 15 dollars because it is my birthday: January 15th.

But that’s about it! Here’s my Faux Fifteen Bucks:


Russian River Logo

I really enjoyed this project a lot! I felt I learned a lot about Illustrator during this project. I don’t think the rebuild is perfect. Instead of using the pen tool to create a letter for the fonts, I tried matching them. However, the fonts don’t match at all really. Also, to create the tree and the background I used just the straight line pen tool, but I think the curved one would have definitely worked better. Overall, I had fun recreating this this logo and know I will get better the more I learn.

My copy logo is on top and the originally is on the bottom:


KAA Copy

I think I did a pretty decent job at recreating this copy. I think the hardest part was photoshopping the bee image, but all I did was make a circle over the previous one, added the year as text on top of the circle, and color matched the text with the green in the background.