Currency Design

I LOVED this assignment! Before this assignment was given, I was playing around with the imaged of my face in Illustrator. Originally, the image is a block print and I wanted to see if I could make it into a digital vector. Once the assignment was presented, I was super excited and intently wanted to use my image.

An interesting fact about me is that I am strangely interested in skulls. I am fascinated by sugar skulls and most of the time when I mess up sketching a face I just transform it into a creepy skull face. I believe my fascination with skulls roots from the fact that in life we view and judge each other by our difference, but in death, once those layers of skin rot away, we all pretty much look same.

When creating my currency design, I wanted it to look similar to the money we see and use today. However, I did not want to stick with just one color. I decided to use purple and yellow because there are complimentary colors, and I thought they were the best combination to represent the theme of life and death. I also chose my currency to be worth 15 dollars because it is my birthday: January 15th.

But that’s about it! Here’s my Faux Fifteen Bucks:



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