Newsletter Assignment

This project has been the most frustrating…

To start, I kept the look of the newsletter fairly simple. However, because of this I think it looks pretty boring. I think I kept it simple because I felt constrained by the one color rule, and as the semester comes closer to the end my creativity is lowering.

But printing this thing was the real headache. All semester, I hadn’t gotten a grasp on printing, especially through OP Output. However, this project was where my lack of printing skills really caught up to me.

On Thursday, February 23th at around 2-ish, I submitted an order that was due Friday morning. However, the file on the form was an indesign file instead of a postscript, so the order was rejected. I resubmitted the order so it could get print this weekend. However, last night at around 7:00 pm I received another email that I had again made another error by making the postscript 4 pages instead of 2. I fixed the error and resubmitted the online form at 7:22 pm. I also spoke with the print monitor that last night, Nick Craven, who checked my file to see if it was correct, but I never received anymore emails after that. The next morning I went to class and found out my order was not printed again.

I turned out that I had the wrong side document, the wrong file, AND I had selected the WRONG printer on the form! Eventually it got printed, but after I had cried about 50 times.

Turning this into a webpage ended up being less stressful. I pretty much coding everything to look almost the same as the paper version. I found coding fairly easy, but very time consuming and precise. I was unable to get my links to work, but that was the only struggle I had towards coding.


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