Final Project

I really enjoyed this last project a lot. I expected to be overwhelmed with this assignment, but once I developed the story on Indesign the animation and the website was easy.

I feel my book was slightly simple. I found a few images online and just built a vector on top using the pen tool. Building the images for the book was definitely the hardest part of the project, but once they were done I was able to use them for the animation and the website.

The animation wasn’t bad. I actually like how it turned out, but I did struggle with time.

Because I started with the book and the animation, I kind of dreaded working on the website. To save time and to help me with the layout of the website, I started building the website with a temple on Dreamweaver. Then I googled some things and added other stuff into the coding. Compared to my Newsletter webpage, I believe this turned out a lot better.

I cried a lot from this class, but I learned a lot from this class too.

It’s been real. It’s been fun. But I’m the frustration is over!

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